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GreenLeopardEnterprises - Curtis J Greer & Lois L Leopard, Owners - Partners Since May 31, 1958

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Order Hundreds Of Business, Consumer &

Office Products & Services, On-Line!

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Free Business Cards.          Premium Business Cards.
Business Card Magnets.      Standard Size Postcards.
Holiday Postcards.             Oversized Postcards.
Holiday Folded Cards         Folded Cards.
Brochures.                               Photo Cards.
Sales & Data Sheets.          Presentation Folders.
Letterhead (8.5" x 11").      Return Address Labels.
Multi-Purpose Labels.        Multi-Purpose Stickers.
Free E-Cards.                    UP-LOAD YOUR OWN DESIGN!
Contact Cards.                  Gift Tags.
Family Caricature -            Contact Card Magnets.
Contact Cards.                  Holiday Magnets.
Invitations.                       Announcements.
Thank You Cards.            Holiday Post Cards.
Photo Cards.                    Holiday Folded Cards.
Standard Return -             Holiday Return Address Labels.
Address Labels.                Gift Labels.
Family Caricature             Multi-Purpose Labels.
Return Address Labels.     Multi-Purpose Stickers.
Caricature Note Cards.     Caricature Gift Tags.
Free E-Cards.                  UP-LOAD YOUR OWN DESIGN! 
VistaPrint's Business Solution is a fully-automated, end-to-end, printing model. This total production package uses advanced web technologies, to take the sting out of traditionally inconvenient, inefficient & slow printing processes--bringing printing in line with the demands of modern business.
Here's What Your Employees Get:
Cost-effective, premium-quality business materials (full-color printing).
Convenient, on-line, self-service ordering (24/7 access).
Fast turn-around--delivery within three days!
Here's What You Get:
Lower printing costs.
Your own custom artwork. Pre-designed templates lock-in your brand integrity.
Worldwide shipping, in as few as seven days.
Backside printing on business cards, to promote your products, mission statement, etc.
Elimination of administrative hassles & extra expense--no more shelf inventory, or order grouping.
The security of knowing you are aligned with a reliable, Top-20, E-Commerce merchant. 
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Thank you!     Curtis J Greer &
                      Lois L Leopard

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